That’s me.
Clean, clever, memorable.

What’s your story? Let’s hear it. Let’s see it. Let’s feel it.

Here’s mine.

17 years in New York. 20 in Dallas. Multiple Emmys. A Peabody. A Murrow.

On location. CBS News. Sunday Morning. Kuralt, Osgood. James Taylor. Sting. Armani. Borofsky. Two Olympic Games. Food. Fashion. Music. Art. Hitachi. Google. Yahoo. Executive in Residence. Oval Office. Post Office. World stage. Back porch.

Finding, writing, telling rich stories. The kind that stick.

Your business. Your family. Live events. Time capsules.

Your story.

Let’s see it. Let’s hear it. Let’s get the word out.

Talk to me. We’ll get people talking.

Lucy L. Scott

Writer | Producer | Storyteller


[email protected]